About me

I bought a Rostock Mini Pro at the end of april 2014 and became addicted. I feel like a child again, discovering the secrets of Dobro Jutro Elektronika  and Elektro Pionir (both similar to Snap Circuits kits available in US ).
The mechanical assembly of the printer was relatively quick,  connecting the electronics not so, but the real challenge was calibration and finding the right software settings to produce quality prints.
I was googling and experimenting for weeks, reading various manuals, forum posts and wikis and trying to filter out information that was relevant to this type of printer. Yes , there is an overwhelming amount of information online, but everybody has different printer, different head, different firmware and use different host software and slicer. On top of that I use Ubuntu operating system on all of my computers.

So I decided to compile the info that is relevant to the type of 3D printer i have and make it available to public. I am building this website for myself and also everybody else that has the delta 3D printer. The focus of the site is going to be all about Delta style 3D printers, starting with Rostock Mini Pro as this is the first model that I own. I plan to buy or build more, bigger and better printers but stay faithfull to the delta shape.

Would you like to contribute to the site by writing an informative(no marketing hype, only real value) article, tutorial or a review ? Let me know at info@domain_of_the_blog.org